Dr. Gregory Pottie's Lab

Current Students

Jeffrey Jiang Jeffrey Jiang PhD Candidate Sunay G. Bhat Sunay G. Bhat PhD Candidate YunZheng Zhu YunZheng Zhu PhD Student Kia Karbasi Kia Karbasi PhD Student Omead Pooladzandi Omead Pooladzandi PhD Graduate Mahmoud (Ramin) Essalat Mahmoud (Ramin) Essalat PhD Alumni Alex Branch Alex Branch Undergraduate Student

Theses and Dissertations

Ph.D. Graduates

Mahmoud Essalat (2023) - Time-series Classification for Monitoring Toothbrushing Behavior Using Motion Sensors

Omead Pooladzandi (2023) - Fast Training of Generalizable Deep Neural Networks

Manie Tadayon (2021) - Causal Inference for Personalized Educational Systems

Leihao Wei (2021) - Using AI to Mitigate Variability in CT Scans: Improving Consistency in Medical Image Analysis

Wenyuan Li (2020) - Improving Data Efficiency on Histopathology Image Analysis Using Deep Learning

Hemant Saggar (2020) - On Enabling Concurrent Communications in Wireless Networks

Kartik Ahuja (2019) - Optimization Methods for Resource Allocation and Machine Learning Applications

Wuwen Li (2019) - An Optimization Frameworkfor Two-tier Cellular Network Resource Allocation and Handover

Heng Zhao (2019) - Addressing Practical Challenges in High-capacity Multi-antenna Communication Systems

Hua-I Chang (2016) - Robust and Large-scale Human Motion Estimation with Low-cost Sensors

Xiaoxu Wu (2016) - Robust Human Activity Classification and Motion Monitoring Systems Using Inertial Sensors

M. Nabil H. Hajjchehade (2012) - On Classification with Unreliable Labels for Environmental and Medical Applications

Dorna Bandari (2011) - Resource Allocation for Sources with Correlated Data

Yue Zhao (2011) - On Optimal Transmissions in Interference Networks

Seung R. Yang (2010) - Cooperative Resource Allocation in Wireless Systems

Yu-Ching Tong (2009) - Cooperation Utility in Sensing

Wendong Hu (2008) - Medium Access Control Protocols for Cognitive Radio based Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks

Cathy Kong (2008) - Sampling Strategies in Sensor Networks

Kevin Ni (2008) - Sensor Network Data Faults and Their Detection Using Bayesian Methods

Aman Kansal (w/ M.B. Srivastava, 2006) - Coordinated Actuation for Sensing Uncertainty Reduction

Huiyu (Hugh) Luo (2005) - Energy Efficient Sampling, Source Coding, and Data Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks

Sivathar Natkunanathan (2004) - Signal Classification and Identification for Wireless Integrated Networked Sensors

Ameesh Pandya (2004) - On Fundamental Limits of Scalable Sensor Networks

Robert Thrasher (2004) - On the Characterization and Exploitation of Wireless Channels

Hong Chen (2003) - Training Issues in High-Speed Fiber-Optic and Radio Communication Systems

Sungsoo Kim (2003) - Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing in Fast Fading Channels

Ryan Mukai (2003) - Neural Networks for Correction of Pointing and Focal Errors on Large Deep Space Network Antennas at Ka-Band

Yung-Szu Tu (2003) - Cooperative Communications among Wireless Sensor Networks

Vishal Ailawadhi (2002) - Mobility Issues in Hybrid Ad-Hoc Wireless Sensor Networks

Mohin Ahmed (2002) - Decentralized Information Processing in Wireless Peer-to-Peer Networks

Kambiz Shoarinejad (w/ Prof. Jason Speyer, 2001) - On Stochastic Decentralized Systems in Communications and Control

Dennis Connors (2000) - Medium Access Control Protocols for Satellite Networks

Jay Gao (2000) - Energy Efficient Routing For Wireless Sensor Networks

Kathy Sohrabi (2000) - On Low Power Self Organizing Sensor Networks

George Kondylis (2000) - On Indoor Channels and the Design of Interference Aware Medium Access Control Protocols for Packet Switched Networks

Heung-No Lee (1999) - Adaptive Diversity Combining, Equalization and Sequence Decoding for Time-Varying Dispersive Channels

Tommy Yu (1999) - Target Identification Processor For Wireless Sensor Network

Christopher Hansen (1997) - Probing Techniques for Multiuser Channels with Power Control

Jaehyeong Kim (1996) - Channel Coding for Video Transmission over Unknown Channels

Charles C. Wang (1996) - Power Control Strategies and Variable Bit Allocation for FH-CDMA Wireless Systems

Victor Lin (1995) - Channel Coding and Power Control for FH/CDMA Radios

Benjamin Tang (1995) - Adaptive Wireless Voice Communications with Embedded Source and Channel Coding

Eldad Perahia - Antenna diversity and adaptive antenna arrays for PCS

MS Thesis Graduates

James Xu (2011) - Context Guided and Personalized Activity Classification System for Wireless Health

M. Nabil H. Hajjchehade (2007) - Sensor Placement in Linear Fields: Estimation and Discrimination

Sridhar Vemuri (2004) - Scheduling for Energy Aware Wireless Sensor Applications